Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Lucky Creek

By Aaron

After our second visit to Nettle Island we left on a calm clear morning and headed up to Lucky Creek.  Since swimming was potentially involved we wanted to make sure we went there on a warm day.

IMG_1983Leaving our anchorage at Nettle Island

DSC_0491Flat calm looking west down the Broken Group to the Pacific

Lucky Creek was highly recommended by anyone we’ve talked to that’s been there.  It did not disappoint.  The creek itself is at the head of a tidal inlet that’s about a half mile long.  About an hour before high tide you drive the dinghy through the winding inlet until you come to the first set of falls.


DSC_0507This is as far as you get with the dinghy

The recommendation for a 30’ painter came in handy (thanks Jason!) and Nicole scurried up the rocks to tie us off.


DSC_0513Our best dinghy parking spot so far!

DSC_0517At the top for the first set of falls you get your first view of the creek with several deep pools of gin clear water

It was a warm day and we wore our swim trunks, but it’s been a cool summer and the water was COLD.  No way in hell was I going in first, and it took a bit of coaxing to get Nicole to do the first canonball.


DSC_0537I was hoping she’d chicken out.  Now I’d have to go in for sure.

I could tell from the shocked expression on her face when she popped out of the water that it was indeed as cold as I suspected.  But I made a promise to go if she did.  So in I went.

DSC_0541Hark!  What is this in the air made of light and grace?  An angel above Lucky Creek?  No, just me so pasty from lack of sunlight that it throws off the exposure on the camera.

Of course we had to try out the rope swing.


Lucky Creek

We had a ton of fun here.  We got back to the boat and had a couple beers out on the foredeck while we warmed ourselves in the sunshine.

Not bad for a Monday. 


  1. You two are living my dream! My boyfriend and I are saving for our own boat, (We're leaning towards the Hans, how much do you love her!?)I'm so happy to stumble on your blog, what an inspiration you both are! Thanks for sharing your pictures!!! I'll be back to see more adventures! :)
    Meaghan Lawson
    {haha, sorry, i add my site everywhere i go online, ya never know)

  2. Meaghan, thanks for the nice comment!

    And for the record, we love, love, love our Hans 33. She's the perfect boat for us -- stout and sturdy, lots of storage and tankage, comfortable living space... and she's beautiful! If you and your boyfriend have any other questions, please shoot us an email. We love talking boats. :)


  3. HA! Nicole's rope swinging skills are better than mine. I needed tutoring. But she still drags her legs - Carol took me to task for doing that :)

  4. Livia: Too funny! Did you notice how Aaron wrote the post but didn't include a video of him on the rope swing? Hmmmm... :)


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