Sunday, November 20, 2011

Eating stuff

By Aaron

We’re in La Paz and haven’t been able to resist eating out.  A lot.  The prices are good and the food has been excellent. 

IMG_7219It’s hot out here, gotta stay hydrated!

Today we had dinner at the Super Burro.  And lunch was at The Shack with new friends from SV Ventured. 

IMG_7265The perfect atmosphere for an awesome cheeseburger

IMG_72661/2 lb burgers cooked up over a mesquite fire… you can’t catch a whiff of that and just walk by

IMG_7264Cheeseburger in paradise

IMG_7263Better throw in a bucket of Pacificos to wash down that burger

In most restaurants when I write on the walls they kick me out.  But The Shack heartily encourages it, and the walls are covered with boat names.  So of course I added ours.

IMG_7262More cruiser graffiti

We celebrated Nicole’s birthday a few days ago.  We walked through town and were considering several restaurants, but the patio at La Boheme was absolutely beautiful.  It’s owned by a French couple and wow, they know how to cook!  The service was excellent and we couldn’t have had a better dining experience for Nicole’s birthday.


IMG_7227The birthday girl

We’re going to head out of La Paz tomorrow and cruise around Isla Espiritu Santo for a week or so.  But then we’ll be coming back so we’ll try to write up a post about La Paz.  It’s been a super social stop for us with lots of partying!


  1. Harry Birthday Nicole!!! I know I'm late but it is better than never. Glad to see the weather is great, we have had our first snow thursday. It is around 34 degrees at night and not much above 50 during the day. Which makes me ask "Do they have and extra suite?" Then I remember no,no they don't. Love the pictures and seeing the blog again. I get the spot messages okay but the written word makes me feel better. Have fun and be safe...........
    Love you guys!

  2. Well, HAPPY BIRTHDAY...even if we are late! We will have to catch up so we can buy you a birthday beer!! LOL That is a great looking burger!! we have eatten a lot of fish, and tacos, so at this point a good burgder sounds awesome!

    Tom & Jeanne
    SV Eagle

  3. Happy Birthday, Nicole! The Sea of Cortez, as seen through your perspective has been incredible and breathtakingly beautiful. Can't wait to get down there...


  4. Happy birthday lady! I miss you guys!

  5. Now THAT is a happy wino face. Love it!


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