Saturday, February 4, 2012

Still saying adios to La Cruz

By Aaron

Okay, we’re leaving.  We mean it this time!  The anchor is coming up at 0700 sharp tomorrow.  There’s just been too much fun stuff going on to get out of here!

Huanacaxtle CafĂ© had a going away party.  Then it was another party for Erlin’s birthday.  And of course some more karaoke.

P1260068Ben and Molly showed up for karaoke with their two kids, Mickey and JP.  To their kids’ horror I’m sure, the song choice was “Why Don’t We Get Drunk and Screw”

It’s been nice being anchored out again.  Yesterday we had a Humpback and a young calf come through the anchorage.

At the end the whales cruise right by our boat. Last time one was this close it hit us, so it’s exciting and a little scary at the same time.

So we’ve said our goodbyes – several times now.  But tomorrow is the day.  Bella Star is heading to Yelapa to hunt down some waterfalls with Ventured and Panache.


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  2. The whale vid was indeed "awesome".
    I can see why you would be anxious with it heading on a course that would seemingly intersect with Bella Star's bow.
    Can you hear it say, "Sorry, just kidding"

    Wishing you a safe sale to Yelapa ....and beyond

    Hugh Lawford
    Markdale, Ontario, Canada

  3. oops - that is "safe sail" ..... not awake yet!
    Enjoy The Super Bowl


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    1. Hey Guys! We missed you at the Seattle Boat Show (did I just plant the boat show jingle in your heads?!). Your ears must have been ringing all week as we got together with Shawn & Heather and talked with Marty & Deborah and of course your names came up (we are all insanely jealous!). La Cruz looks spectacular! Can't wait to get down there...just over 6 months to go! See you soon?

    2. Holy crap! My heart was racing for you!


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